Ned’s Story

Several years ago,  Ned, a 91-year-old gentleman, walked into my office and said he wanted to sell his condo.  I could tell that something was really bothering him, but I didn’t know what.  He lived in a nice 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condominium with an elevator, gated entrance and secured parking.  It is truly a wonderful place to live… and Ned loved it.   I quickly learned why he was so unhappy.  His wife had died several years earlier and he was lonely.  Very, very lonely.

His sons visited occasionally, he rode his motorcycle often, (yes, he was still riding his Harley Davidson at 91 years old), he even volunteered at Highline Medical Center a few days a week.  Although he did a lot of worthwhile activities to fill his days, he spent each night alone in his condo with no one to talk to.  His hearing was starting to fail and he was not interested watching “the boob tube”, as he called it.  He does like to read, but that could get boring when that was all there was to do.  He decided he wanted to move to a place where he could make friends and interact with other active people just like him —share meals, go shopping, play poker, pool, and go to movies…

At that time, I didn’t know very much about retirement communities, and I didn’t know who to refer him to.  I also thought all retirement communities were all pretty much the same.  Boy, was I wrong!

I began to make it my mission to learn more about retirement communities throughout King County so that I could better help my senior clients, like Ned, find their new home; a place where all their needs were met and where they felt comfortable living there, and most of all the would be happy!

I began visiting as many retirement communities that I could.  I have now toured most of them throughout King County.  I have also met the marketing directors and senior care advisers so that I can make proper introductions and refer my senior clients accordingly.  In the process, I quickly learned the difference between age-restricted communities, independent living, assisted living, continuing care, memory care, etc.  Not only do they vary in size, location and amenities… there is a HUGE difference in the services, activity, and care that they provide.   While one community will work well for one client, clearly won’t work well for another.

Listening to our clients, learning about their needs in order to more effectively meet them has always been the hallmark of our success.  Those skills are even more important when working with our senior clients, and often their adult children.  As a result, we have mastered the art of Senior Real Estate Services.

I have been a Realtor® for more than 17 years, and nothing has given me greater pleasure than to help my senior clients transition to a new, better lifestyle.  I have learned that  those who make the decision to
downsize sooner rather than later are so glad they did.  Too often people until it is too late and the decision to move is sometimes made for them due to medical concerns.  Life is too short not to enjoy every moment!

Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation where we will happily outline a personalized plan getting you from our initial consultation to closing the sale of your house—and more importantly, happily settled into your new home.  It’s that easy!

No matter what the circumstances are, my associates and I understand that the process can be overwhelming and sometimes even scary.  We hear things like.  “What do I do with all my stuff???”  “How will the sale of my home affect my finances?”, “Should I move first, then sell my home, or sell first and then move?”

That’s where we come in!  We go beyond the services of most real estate teams.  In addition to networking with retirement communities and making introductions, we coordinate the services of movers, estate sales professionals, painters, handymen, housekeepers, carpet cleaners, and other service providers so that you don’t have to.  Together, we are dedicated to helping make your move seamless and stress free.  In fact, we want to help make your move a very fun and exciting experience.

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