Six Ways to Keep Track of Your Goals

Six Ways to Track Your Goals Part Two of Starting the New Year Right

Now that you’ve decided on your SMART goals in step one, it’s time to make them a reality with these six ways to keep track of your goals! This week everyone is back from winter break, so there’s no better time to start.

Find the goal tracking system that works for YOU

While our major goals should be specific and relevant enough to recite from memory, all of the smaller goals can easily be forgotten. We all have that one place that we swore we wrote it down where we wouldn’t forget, but where is that place three months from now? Next year?

The best system for tracking your goals is the one you’ll use.

If you have constantly said “This is the year I’ll finally use a planner!” Why not try something new? If you lose every scrap of paper you ever write on, maybe it’s time to go digital? Just don’t keep trying to do the same thing that has never worked for you. It doesn’t matter if it worked for your best friend or your neighbor, what matters is that it doesn’t work for you. “If you try a system and it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean the system is broken. It just doesn’t fit you. Move on. Try something else. Focus on the results, not the system,” James Oppong.

If you already love a system you’re using, stick with it! As James Oppong’s article says, “Refine what works for you.” Read more of what James Oppong has to say about Productivity Systems on Thrive.

Here are a few options that you may or may not have tried yet:

1. The Bullet Journal

If you haven’t tried this one yet, this is the one to just jump in and go for it. Don’t worry about getting all the fancy pens or being artistic with it (unless you really want to!). Not every journal can or should be pinterest worthy. The original idea of “Rapid Logging” was born of simplicity, and because of that simplicity this journaling systems can be everything you want and need it to be.

For the simplest version of getting started with rapid logging in a Bullet Journal, visit the official website. Within a couple of weeks you’ll know whether or not it’s the system for you.

But wait, how exactly do I track my goals?

The best part about using one journal for everything is that you can choose whatever additional systems you want to add in! Want to use the Level 10 Life method or the 1-3-5 method detailed below? You can! Just make sure you leave it bookmarked so you can check your progress daily!

If you’re more artistic, you may be drawn to some of the more colorful pages people share online.

Artistic doodling in a journal for a planner.
Image from The Odyssey Online
Image of a Bullet Journal that's been written in from BulletJournal.com
Image from BulletJournal.com
Which Journal Should I Use?
While the official BulletJournal.com now sells a specific branded “Bullet Journal”, the creator Ryder Carroll suggests you can use any journal of your choosing! Many BuJo users prefer the Leuchtturm1917 journals. They were such a big hit with BuJo users that they are now the producers of the official one mentioned above. When shopping locally, it may be easier to find the Moleskine brand, another high quality journal though it can be significantly more expensive depending on the design.
If you’re not yet sure this is the system for you, find a similarly sized journal (A5 at most for easy carrying) and just get started! If you decide to upgrade in the future, all you have to do is migrate your pages! Though make sure it is fairly rugged – otherwise your journal may fall apart with how much you’ll be using it.
If you want some extra bells and whistles, try the Filofax variant. Boho Berry has a great break down on how she adapted the Bullet Journal to the Filofax style.
Bullet Journal Set in Pink (5 pages) from Hayah Designs
Available from Hayah Design on Etsy.com

Even if you’re not artistic, many of these artistic style spreads can be found in sticker, stencil, or printable form on Etsy, like these ones from Hayah Designs.

Diving Deeper

If you’re going to commit to using the BulletJournal, I highly recommend making a daily habit tracker. If there’s one thing you can commit to everyday to meet a major goal, this is a fun and instant way to see how well you are sticking to your intentions. You can either use the free printable provided at the link, or just grab a ruler and draw it out yourself!

Find more ideas for your Bullet Journal on our Pinterest! Plus, all the links we’ve included so far can be found there too!

2. BestSelf Journal
Image of a person using a BestSelf Journal
Image from BestSelf.co

Need everything in its place and a place for everything? This journal has it all planned out for you. Unlike the BulletJournal, the sections and time-blocking are already set-up for you. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the individual.

This journal is all about setting aside time, driving towards your goals, and reflection on your daily life. If one of your goals is to be more grateful of the life you have, or to work on your positive thinking this could be an excellent choice for you. It’s also an excellent choice for anyone that truly wants to commit to time-blocking this year.

Colorful version of a Best Self Journal
Image from BestSelf.co

You’ll start by making a 13-Week Roadmap. These journals are meant to be used for 3-month goals to break it down into chunks. You’ll use that roadmap to guide you through the weekly pages as well as the daily pages. Each daily page includes not only a section for time-blocking, but also for daily gratitude, wins of the day, lessons learned, and an inspirational quote. You can learn more about how to use the Best Self Journal by downloading the instructions and sample pages.

Each BestSelf Journal includes instructions on its use and a large dry-erase “Road Map” poster for tracking your goals! How convenient!

3. Habitica

Habitica Screenshot
Image from Habitica.com

Screenshot of a group in Habitica.
Image from Habitica.com

Moving to digital, this is something completely different and inventive. It’s called Habitica. The slogan really sells it – “Gamify Your Life”. If you are the type that likes instant gratification, pixel graphics, and taking down monsters, this is the system you have to try. You create an avatar and fight your way through habits and tasks. Make a misstep? You lose health points. Level up to get in game rewards, or set your own rewards using the games earned currency. Plus, they have a great Wikia full of information on how to effectively use their system. Including our previous topic: SMART Goals!

If you’re a gamer (even if it’s just Farmville or Bejeweled), this is for you. You are taken through all of the instructions on how to use Habitica as soon as you sign-up, here’s an overview of how the system works.

One of the added benefits of Habitica is that it has optional accountability. If you require someone else being dependent on you for you to meet you goals, well they can join your adventuring party! When someone joins your adventuring party, you fight monsters together. Any Daily left undone, or negative Habit contributed to, means everyone in the party takes damage. But completing dailies, tasks, and mastering habits will help you slay the beasts!

Unlike most digital apps like this are more like To-Do Lists, Habitica gives you the option of setting larger tasks and more importantly the habits that go along with them. This isn’t just about a list, it’s about seeing you and your avatar improve over time.

4. Smart Phone Apps & Reminders

If you respond well to digital voices and alerts telling you to get something done, start setting reminders of what it is you need to do today to achieve your goal. You can use Google Calendar, Wunderlist, or anything that works for you. There are so many out there, it’s just impossible to cover them all! Just don’t let it be yet another notification you dismiss.

5. 1-3-5, Growth Plan, & 411

These are all systems that are meant to be used in tandem. They are a major part of the culture at Keller Williams.

Sample 1-3-5 from Boomtown ROI
Image from boomtownroi.com/blog/keller-williams-1-3-5-goal-setting/

From the One Thing blog:

Take Action: Using the 1-3-5 Rule

A lot of us have so much going on in our lives that it’s nearly impossible for us to obtain our goals. When we let the clutter overcome what matters most, it’s going to be difficult to make any headway. The 1-3-5 Rule works wonders because it’s all about prioritizing, which is an essential part of productivity. The basic idea is:

  • Commit to accomplishing one big thing.
  • Identify three priorities that will help you to achieve your one big thing.
  • Determine five strategies that will help you to accomplish your three priorities.

This rule makes it easy to focus on ONE Thing at a time. Everything else, the non-essentials, can wait until the 1-3-5 items have been accomplished.

1-3-5 Rule for Setting and Reaching Goals

Moving forward, use the 1-3-5 Rule to identify one big goal, three milestones to reaching the goal and five action items for each milestone. This will help you to break the big goal out into smaller, more manageable steps.”

Growth Plan

What are four things you can do each month of this year to grow, both personally and professionally. This could be reading a book every month, or attending a convention that will help your business. Everyone’s growth plan is different, but the important thing is that it’s not just a list of monthly to-dos. It’s about truly growing.


411 SampleThe 411 is a way of taking your growth plan and your 1-3-5 and applying that on a monthly basis. At Keller Williams, we have a digital tool to walk us through writing our 4-1-1, but you can also write them down in whatever system you are using!

It stands for 4 weeks, 1 month, and 1 year. It is intended to be broken down into personal and business goals. You copy down your annual goals to the top of the page, then your monthly goals below. After you have those copied, write down ways that you will work towards those goals for each week of the month. If that means you’re writing the same thing everyday, that’s fine! It just means that your goal requires developing a habit!

You can either print out the PDFs available on the1thing.com, or you can write them into your preferred journal. The 1-3-5, the 411, and the Growth Plan are all staples of Keller Williams culture of helping their agents grow. Read all about them on the1thing.com and in Gary Keller’s book.

5. Level 10 Life

Boho Berry Level 10 Life
Image from bohoberry.com

LittleCoffeeFox Level 10 Life
Image from LittleCoffeeFox.com

If you’ve read Hal Elrod’s “Miracle Morning” you may already be familiar with the idea of “Level 10 Success” and the “Wheel of Life Assessment”. I absolutely love it because the online community has turned into something stunning!

The idea is that you look at all the different areas of your life, and what you need to do to make that area a “10”. So while you may be making all your business goals, how’s your personal life looking. When you use the visual version, you get the added benefit of filling in sections as you get closer to achieving your goals.

A lot of Bullet Journal users have jumped onto this tracking method. You can see BohoBerry’s overview on her website.

Little Coffee Fox has her own variant as well, that’s so much easier than trying to draw a circle!

See more variations at productiveandpretty.com.

Now go out there and achieve your dreams and more!

These are just 6 different ways you might want to track your goals this year. Have anything to suggest? Write us in our comments or on Facebook @MaryKayHortonKW and Twitter @LiveBetterMK.

If one of your big goals this year is selling or buying a home, get one step closer and contact Mary Kay Horton today at 206-841-8760 or by email at MaryKayHorton@KW.com.

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