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Mary Kay Horton brings together a panel of experts to detail the process of helping seniors transition to better living with CONSULTATION TO CLOSING IN 8 EASY STEPS.

Why Sponsors?

It’s simple! We want to build partnerships in our community! We want to help other senior service providers and more get their name out there. We view these sponsorship options as more of a partnership. We don’t make any money from these events unless a guest becomes one of our clients! That means without sponsors, we are paying for everything out of pocket – including marketing and fees associated with appraisal services. If you have any questions about the sponsorship, please call Mary Kay at 206-841-8760.

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About the Event

Mary Kay Horton has been helping people sell homes for over 17 years. She is here to present her home selling process in 8 easy steps—from consultation to closing. During her presentation, she will explain how she takes a project manager’s approach to helping seniors before, during, and after the sale of their home.

Mary Kay is also pleased to present some of the people she routinely uses to help make the entire transition smooth, easy and fun!! Sue McCullough and Terry Denend with Rightsizing for Seniors to explain the downsizing process and options for liquidating unwanted items. David Templeton owner of Templeton Appraisals and member of the International Society of Appraisers, Lewis & Clark Chapter. And one of her trusted title experts.

Each guest is encouraged to bring a small item they would like to have appraised by Templeton Appraisals in an “Antique Roadshow” style of appraisals. Three guests will randomly be selected for free appraisals. Afterwards, David will be happy to do further appraisals for $7 per item immediately after the presentation.

If one of the above listed panelists is not available for a specific event, another of our trusted experts may step in. We’ll keep everyone informed every step of the way.

Presentation Timeline

Preparation (Beginning 1 hr Prior)
Set-up Sign-in Table with Sign-in Sheet and Name Tags
Technical test and set-up of presentation with Lindsey, including audio test
Distribute Table Handouts
Distribute Paperclip Game Items

At Guest’s Arrival & Prior to Start Time
Guests Sign-in
Guests should sign-in and let us know if they have an item to appraise. Any guests with items to be appraised will be entered to win a free appraisal.

Introduction from Retirement Community

Mary Kay Horton: Consultation to Closing

Announce winners of appraisals and direct them to David’s table.

Rightsizing for Seniors: Downsizing Simplified with included paperclip game

David Templeton: “Antiques Roadshow” for winning appraisals

Title Expert & Mary Kay: Title & Preparing for Closing

Sponsor Introductions & Gift Drawings

eNewsletter & Website Announcement

Tours, Questions, Mingle, and Additional Appraisal Time

Senior Transitions Made Easy PowerPoint Cover
Downsizing Simplified Slide Cover for Rightsizing for Seniors
End Slide, Paper cut out houseses lined up above the words "Thank You"

Marketing & Demographics

Target Audience
  • 45% Seniors Thinking of Transitioning
  • 45% Adult Children of Seniors
  • 10% Senior Providers
Direct Mail

All of our direct mail pieces are sent to a specific database of 2400 people in King County and Pierce County. We may adjust mailer based upon location of community. The people on this mailing list meet the following criteria: their homes’ assessed value is $700,000+ and they have lived in their homes for 15+ years.

Monthly: We send out a monthly piece that includes the next month’s events and sponsor information. Example coming soon.

Quarterly: Each quarter, we send a letter and flyer. These are more personalized. If you sponsor at the Butterfly tier, your business information will be included.

For retirement communities that do direct mail advertising themselves, their mailer may or may not look different than ours and their targeting will be unique.

Online Advertising

We’ll post the event on multiple event listing websites, including Facebook, Eventbrite, Evensi, Retirement Connection, etc. We will send event invitations through MailChimp to primary email list, as well as including the information in our e-newsletter.

For our paid advertising, we’ll use Facebook’s targeting to reach adult children of seniors in the area. As well as using the email addresses of our direct mail list.

Sponsorship Levels

Number of EventsSingle EventSingle EventSingle Event
+ Quarterly Advertising
Your Business featured in our Monthly Direct Mail Marketing
for sponsored event(s).
Your Business featured in all flyers for sponsored event(s).
Your Business featured on print materials given during the event(s).
Your Business included in all online advertising.
Your Business included in all PAID online advertising.
We will share your preferred piece of marketing during the event.
Such as brochures, flyers, etc.
Your Business will be included on our Quarterly Direct mail marketing
for sponsored event(s).
You will have about 1 minute to speak to the audience.
You may join panelists after the event to speak to
audience members with questions.
Your Business will be included in all print marketing for the year,
including specialized swag.
You may have a table set-up during event for your own marketing materials.
Additional Opportunities

If your preferred style of marketing does not fit within our plan below, let us know! We can discuss different options.

Gift Baskets: If you would like to donate a gift basket to be raffled off, please let us know – particularly for those of you that your entire business is gifts! We’ll work you into our marketing plan in a way that fits your business.

How to Partner

Please fill out the form below. After you’ve filled out the form, we’ll be in contact with you with payment details.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call or send an email!

Mary Kay Horton
Real Estate Broker & CEO

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  • For example, specific cases where your logo or name cannot be used.
  • Such as alternative contact methods, questions about advertising, etc.
  • View the sponsor level details here.
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