About Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams is not your Typical Real Estate Company

Originally based out of Texas, Keller Williams has taken the world by storm by offering world-class service for its agents and its agents’ clients.


Keller Williams has positioned itself as a technology company that provides the real estate platform that its agents’ buyers and sellers prefer. This manifests in a variety of ways depending on your needs. We have access to tech driven data, giving us the ability to provide you with expert guidance. Keller Williams is always innovating and providing us with more and more efficient ways to serve you.

Keller Mortgage is a new all technology based mortgage company that is exclusive to Keller Williams transactions. Not only is this a mortgage service at your fingertips, it ties directly into the KW Mobile App which gives you FREE instant access to local homes from any mobile device.

A Legacy of World-Class Training

Keller Williams has been consistently named as one of the top training and coaching organizations across all industries in the world. They have been inducted into Training Magazine’s Training Top 10 Hall of Fame. In 2017 and 2015, Keller Williams was ranked as the number one training and coaching organization across all industries in the world. In 2016 and 2014, KW held the number two spot on the Training Top 125.

“For 35 years, Gary Keller has been saying we’re a training and coaching organization disguised as a real estate company,” Keller Williams President and CEO John Davis said. “Thanks to his vision and commitment to investing in our people, we’ve been able to help our associates grow their businesses and create opportunities to fund their lives.” (KW Blog)

We take full advantage of the education that Keller Williams has to offer. Whether that’s quick webinars, intensive multi-week group coaching sessions, or conferences lead by industry experts.

Track Record

I’m proud to work with the largest real estate franchise in the world by agent count. It’s proof that when you offer a superior level service, the word spreads fast.

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, with more than more than 150,000 associates and over 800 market centers across the globe are affiliated with Keller Williams. In 2017, Keller Williams earned the coveted triple crown of United States real estate. Not only are we #1 in Agent Count Globally, we are #1 in Volume and #1 in Units beating out RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, and Century 21.

This success and the size of the company keeps us connected to the global market. We can refer you to agents across the globe if you fall outside of service area and we can in turn market your property worldwide.

The Keller Williams Mission, Belief System, and Culture

We are proud to be a part of a company that has such an incredible dedication to people and values.


To build CAREERS worth having,
BUSINESSES worth owning,
LIVES worth living,
EXPERIENCES worth giving,
and LEGACIES worth leaving.

Belief System

The Keller Williams belief system is known as the WI4C2TS (W – I – 4 C’s – 2 T’s – S). This system truly defines how we operate on a day to day basis, and ties directly into our Project Manager Approach.

The Keller Williams Belief System listed out in bubbles overlayed on an illustrated tree.

or no deal

do the right thing

always come first

in all things

seek first to understand

ideas before results

together everyone achieves more

starts with honesty

results through people

What is Culture?

Culture is the result of organizing the goals of a business around solid, positive, core values and then proceeding to cultivate them on a daily basis. Here’s what that looks like in practice.

  1. Making decisions that are right for the Market Center regardless of individual impact
  2. Taking a stand on an issue that is not popular but is right
  3. Being the best co-op associate possible; always respecting other associates
  4. Helping someone in the Market Center willingly and with a smile, even though you are busy
  5. Doing something right without wanting to be recognized or acknowledged for it
  6. Paying a struggling associate’s fees anonymously
  7. Complimenting others regularly
  8. Being a part of the solution and not the problem in a Market Center
  9. Taking the high road on confrontational issues or points of difference
  10. Handling a fellow associate’s business when personal or family illness occurs
  11. Paying a struggling associate’s tuition to a class that may impact the associate’s productivity
  12. Living up to the covenant if you are on the ALC
  13. Representing the Market Center and the company in a positive way—always
  14. Smiling at others in the Market Center regularly
  15. Staying home if you’re having a bad day attitudinally
  16. Speaking without profanity
  17. Avoiding disparaging remarks about anyone
  18. Committing a random act of kindness every day
  19. Honoring the policies and protocol of the Region regarding recruiting
  20. Giving seven hugs a day
  21. Not recruiting associates from another KW Market Center
  22. Being willing to walk away from a transaction that compromises your principles
  23. Being considerate of the staff
  24. Paying your Market Center bills on time
  25. Not looking for loopholes in Cap and Royalty payments
  26. Responding to clients’ calls and concerns in a timely manner
  27. Considering the other person’s viewpoint before reacting
  28. Following the model (link)
  29. Being excited about saying,“Would you mind if my Team Leader called you?”
  30. Implementing the Keller Williams productivity systems
  31. Finally creating the budget you know you need for your business
  32. Not only learning but living the WI4C2TS
  33. Putting God and your family first, and the business second
  34. Understanding that the higher purpose of business is to give, share, and care
  35. Building your level-one Profit Share downline to 15 as soon as possible
  36. Lead generating for three hours every day
  37. Using a monthly profit and loss statement (P&L) to analyze your real estate business
  38. Hitting your monthly and annual production goals
  39. Being profitable in your personal real estate business
  40. Being nice
“What is Culture?” was created by Kay Evans and Mo Anderson.
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