10 Reasons to Downsize

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Are you ready to downsize? In this hot Puget Sound real estate market you may have been asking yourself this question. There are a lot of reasons to downsize, and everyone’s story is a little different. Here are just ten common reasons to downsize.

1. “With the kids grown, I’m an empty nester and the house feels too big for me now.”

Your home may have been perfect for you while you had little ones running around, but maybe now it just feels empty. Moving to a retirement community can help fill the hours previously occupied by caring for your children.

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2. “The home and yard are too much for me to maintain.”

Owning a home is always involves some amount of work. When caring for you home becomes the dreaded chore that you start avoiding, it may be time to move somewhere where you’ll have fewer maintenance responsibilities.

3. “I’ve had a major life event that has forced me to consider a move.”

These events are often difficult to navigate, and unique to each individual. As your Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) my one goal is to make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. That includes helping connect you to the resources you need, such as estate sales professionals and attorneys.

4. “I want to live closer to my adult children, grandchildren, or caregivers.”

Overtime your family may have spread out to different cities, or even states. Traveling isn’t always an option, but you’d love to see our family more. Perhaps it’s time to close the gap so you don’t miss out on any of those precious memories.

5. “I need support services that just aren’t available at home.”

Whatever support services are needed, my associates and I will help find the best option for you. After all, our motto and promise is Helping You Live Better.

6. “The neighborhood I live in now just isn’t the same.”

Neighborhoods change and evolve over time, and your community may no longer match your needs. We’ll help you find the community that is just right for your needs and wants.

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7. “I can’t get up and down the stairs anymore and I’m afraid of falling.”

Moving to a rambler is a popular option for those that can’t climb the stairs anymore, but more importantly, it’s a safe option. When it comes to safety, your home should never be something you fear. If your overall mobility is changing, you may want to consider a retirement community that is built with safe mobility in mind.

8. “I want some excitement in my life. I’m ready for a change!”

Retirement communities are always hosting great events and excursions! When all the planning and travel is taken care of for you, enjoying the finer things in life is as easy as stepping out the front door.

9. “I want a simpler life and the opportunity to enjoy my freedom from owning a large home.”

Just like number 2, sometimes a home outgrows you. If the care and keeping of your home has taken of your life, moving to a retirement community is a greatly freeing experience. Suddenly, all of the little things that once caused you stress relating to your house just vanish!

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10. “Cooking just for myself is lonely. I’d rather socialize and share my meals with friends.”

You’ll always have someone to talk to in a retirement community. Food is always infinitely better with company!

If you think of any other reasons to downsize, comment below!

If you find yourself nodding along, give me a call or send me an email. We can chat and find out what’s right for your life.


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